• Who is coming to your website?

  • What are they looking at?

  • How are they getting there?


  1. Create Analytics profile(s) for client.

  2. Implement tracking information into client’s domains.

  3. Look up competitors in the client’s area of work.  ID keywords that the competition uses, isn’t using, and doesn’t use.

  4. Monitor site for a period of two weeks to confirm success of tracking ID.  Track the initial numbers on the site metrics, insert information into database and/or graphically represent it for the client.

  5. Meet with the client to confirm that everything is being tracked properly, and that the analytics process is ready to begin in full.

Our Process


Search Engine Optimization is one of the most important marketing tactics for long term growth of your business. It makes your website more desirable for search engines, increases your rankings/visibility, and over a long period of time will be the most cost effective method of driving traffic to your site.

Search Engine Optimization should be applied to any page that aims to get found on-line. The easier it is for your customers to find you, the more chances you have to engage with them.

Search engines work by using complex algorithms to deliver search results to visitors, by knowing how these algorithms work we are able to increase your desirability to crawlers (Google, Yahoo, Bing etc).

We make Search Optimization easy by doing all the heavy lifting. We accomplish this by utilizing white hat methods such as extensive keyword research, on-page optimization, content creation, social media, and link building. This method is known as Organic SEO because like growing a plant it requires a high level of time, patience, and energy. There is no instant way to shoot to the top of a search engines rankings, but we have several plans that can get you there over time. Contact adam@styleboxmedia.com for more info.

Starting a PPC campaign is the fastest way to gain high quality targeted traffic to your website. Our Pay Per click advertising campaigns are highly customizable allowing us to target by location, age, demographic, and gender. We will deliver you the optimal traffic for your campaigns budget.

Campaigns are continually monitored and updated by our certified team, with bespoke progress reports giving you insight into your consumers habits.

Pay Per Click advertising is a targeted marketing strategy that brings you near instant high quality traffic.

Unlike traditional media when you utilize a PPC campaign you only pay when a consumer is interested in your service and clicks to navigate to your site.

Starting a PPC campaign allows you to list your website at or near the top of the search results page for certain targeted keywords or phrases. We typically recommend beginning with a PPC adwords campaign utilizing Google or Facebook as they allow us the most versatility in targeting. We are also able to utilize more advanced methods such as affiliate marketing and display networks.

A social media campaign is integral to any business competing in the digital age. This campaign can vary in intensity from the basic location info (Static Google+ and Facebook pages) to an intensive strategy involving all aspects of Social Media (LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, etc).

Social media can be a fickle beast so contact us to see which of the many channels would be best for you.

Getting people talking about your business is one of the best ways of building your brand. Our content creators know how to get people talking. Working with you we will ensure that your brands message is consistent and engaging across all media platforms.

Social media is one of the best tools for increasing visibility of organic SEO through link building.


What we do?

We provide a high level of internet tracking analysis and reporting. We give you these reports in a visually compelling manner with specialized insight as to why/how certain trends exist in relation to you.

Why use Analytics?

Analytics are an invaluable tool allowing you deep insight into how your customer perceives your on-line presence. By utilizing analytics you will be able to find untapped markets and help build markets you are already involved in.

How we do it?

It begins with a simple tracking code added to your website. This code allows us to track your customers and compare them to a database. With this knowledge we can predict age, gender, habits, and even hobbies.